For Children

zandor-coverNEW – Cedric and Zandor

Cedric is an unremarkable boy whose only ambition in life is to become a clown and perhaps be beaten up a bit less often. His life changes when Zandor, a mighty warrior, crosses over through a portal to seek his help in saving the Kingdom of Skarn. A wizard’s prophecy foretold that a boy on the other side of the portal had great powers and would be able to use them to defeat Skarn’s enemies. Unfortunately, Zandor goes to the wrong address and finds Cedric instead, who has no powers and can’t even keep the attention of his television-addicted parents.
Cedric first learns of the danger he is in when a giant chicken attacks him shortly after his arrival in Skarn. After Zandor saves him, the villainous King Flak pays them a visit and promises that he will kill them all as soon as a truce between the two kingdoms ends in five days’ time. Cedric is struck by inspiration and starts to juggle. King Flak believes this unusual act is a powerful new magic, and runs away in fear. For the first time, Cedric believes that he might actually have something to offer Zandor’s tribe, and that he might have found a place where he can be successful and popular. When he learns that King Flak killed Zandor’s father, he becomes committed to the cause.

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